1. An Annual User Tag is required to use our dog park. All tags are valid for one calendar year. If asked, you must present your user tag or leave the park at that time.  Tags are available for $25 per household per year.  User applications are available at the park, at the Finance Dept. of City Hall (Mon-Fri) or you can download one here.  Checks and Cash are accepted.  No credit cards accepted at this time.
  2. The Small Dog Park is restricted to dogs 16 inches or shorter (from the ground to the shoulder). Please read the rule sign at the entrance gate for more details about the small dog park.
  3. Remember to bring a jug water for your dogs to the dog park now that the weather is getting warmer. Make sure your dog rests after running through the park as overheating can come on very quickly.  Never pour water over your dog if they get overheated.  Wet down their pads and their groin area.  Get them out of the sun.  Let them relax until they have cooled down.
  4. Owners MUST clean up and dispose of waste left by their dog.  That is the biggest problem we have in the dog park – some members do not pick up after their dog. If you see any dog waste please pick up – even if it’s not from your dog.
  5. Two dogs per person please.
  6. Dogs must be leashed entering and leaving the dog park area.  Always keep collars on your dog and leash your dogs from the car to the entrance gate and from the exit gate to the cars. PLEASE keep your dogs on a leash until you are inside the gate. I would also recommend that you keep your leash with you when in the dog park because if something happens to your dog you can get the leash on them. Don’t leave the leash hanging on the entrance and exit areas.

    9.08 ANIMALS AND POULTRY NOT TO RUN AT LARGE (Rep. & Recr. Ord. #1769 – 7/15/85). (1) ANIMALS AT LARGE PROHIBITED (Rep. & Recr. Ord. #1867 – 2/1/88). If any animal is at large within the City, the owner of the animal is guilty of a violation and subject to a penalty as provided in sec. 9.30 of this chapter

    At Large (Am. Ord. #2024 – 2/4/91). Any animal or fowl is considered to be at large within the meaning of this section if it is off the premises of the owner and not on a leash less than 10′ in length and under the control of some person. An animal is not at large if it is in a motor vehicle with the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle or enclosed in a cage or other container

  7. Keep your dog(s) away from the gate area while others enter/exit.
  8. Dogs showing aggression towards people or other dogs must be IMMEDIATELY LEASHED and REMOVED!  Owners are legally responsible for any bodily injury or property damaged caused by their dog.  What constitutes an aggressive dog?  We asked the West Bend Police Department and they said they would consider any aggressive dog behavior that would warrant them coming to investigate at the dog park or anywhere for that matter. Any time you feel that you or your dog is threatened by another dog, call the Police Department at (262) 335-5000.
  9. Dog Owners must remain with their dog(s) and kept in their sight at all times.
  10. Dogs must wear valid rabies vaccination and city license tags.
  11. No dogs in heat allowed!
  12. Puppies must be 4 months or older and have their rabies vaccination to visit our Dog Park.
  13. Children allowed ONLY with parent supervision.
  14. When the temps get high, NEVER EVER leave your dog (or a child) in the car when it is hot out.

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